It’s confusing, it’s annoying, it’s outdated – ya di ya the list goes on; but it is definitely required.

Tipping, my friends, is what it is.

When you go anywhere in New York and anyone does something for you you pay them, and then you pay them another 20 per cent.

Minimum wage is low, it’s how people make money, and people need to make money because the city isn’t cheap. It’s the system you buy into by travelling or living here, you just gotta do it.

We were confused when we got here; so let us share are some tips:

  • A bill will get delivered to your table at the end of a meal. Put your card or cash down and they’ll take it away to pay. They’ll then bring the bill back with a receipt and you leave 20 per cent of whatever the total was on the table when you leave, either by adding it to the bill or leaving cash.
    • if you loved the service leave more
    • often tips are pooled so even if your server wasn’t great how you tip effects everyone working there – if you really hated it leave a yelp review don’t hate too much on the people.
  • Tip a dollar for wine, beer or coffee – tip 20 per cent for cocktails cause that shit takes work (unless it really didn’t take work)
  • Tip 20 per cent for services like massages, tailoring etc etc
  • Leave cash for room cleaning at hotels, concierge, and generally anyone that helps you – they need it
  • Just generally tip, be the better version of yourself

It’s not fun knowing you’re ripping people off, a good way to avoid that is to carry cash – especially cause there are minimums for cards in a lot of stores.

Comment any questions – we are happy to help because we have learned by going through it.

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